daydream believer

Oh, yes, I think I spent plenty of eleven-year old moments daydreaming about Davy Jones. I am pretty sure I had a stash of Tiger Beat magazine photos all over my room.  I never, ever missed an episode of The Monkees, and I think I even bought a stack videos for Kate and Alex when they were little (Alex confirms this was true, and she was the only kid her age who knew who they were). I remember buying More of The Monkees for $2.50, and Headquarters for $3.00 (at Sears) .Truth be told, I also really liked Peter Tork. But when I saw this video tonight, I realized I can never, ever make fun of Justin Beiber or any other teen idol. RIP Davy Jones. You made a believer out of me.

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One Response to daydream believer

  1. craig says:

    Did you see Justin on Ellen yesterday? Wait who hacked my account.

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