look at you, all bright and shiny

How did December 12 arrive so quickly? I still have a full list, though I am trying to cram it all on one page, so it appears more manageable. Plus, I thought I could play a trick on myself…if I can’t see it because there are too many other tasks around it, perhaps it wasn’t all that important. At least not more important than sitting and enjoying our tree. Her name is Lakeesha, by the way. We didn’t name her. The 16-year-old boys at the Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot did…they were friendly, and enthusiastic and were delighted that we embraced both the Rubenesque Lakeesha and agreed to keep her name. The truth is, this was the fanciest named tree we have ever had, and I was quite happy to purchase a pre-named tree.

That part about not getting everything done, I didn’t make it up. I picked up that bit of wisdom in the Target parking lot on Saturday afternoon. I had my cart full of stocking stuffers, toilet bowl cleaner, paper goods, Mark West Pinot Noir (on sale) and an extra pair of pj pants (because a girl can never have too many pj pants) and I passed a woman talking on her cell phone (in a firm, almost angry in an “I think we have had this conversation a gazillion times already, but once more, here it goes” voice)….”You WILL get everything done, and if you don’t then it didn’t need to be done anyway.”


So Lakeesha is here in our living room. Decorations are out. Not every box, but just my favorites. Crafts are almost done (though I would love to make a few more candles). Gifts almost purchased. Dates almost set. Cards almost complete. Menus being imagined (paella!). Movies being watched (Love, Actually). Lights lit. Cue Christmas music.

Kate and Brendan will be here Wednesday. It’s starting you know.

Merry Monday.

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to look at you, all bright and shiny

  1. Nicolle says:

    I love that your tree has a name. You seriously have the most fun family ever! ps. I have seen that book before, A Year of Mornings. Is it good? Should I order it?

  2. Imagine if Lakeesha hadn’t come with a name? Would have been yet another task on your list…

    Say hi to her!

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