just my type (with apologies for the pun)

This week my friend Sheila called and said she had an old stamp set that I might appreciate. It had been left behind in a house her mom bought, and has been (thankfully) saved and cherished.  The house, in Wisconsin, belonged to a doctor, and his daughter was an elementary school teacher. It has no date, but is marked Chicago. It has letters, pictures and words, and a few Dutch names (Piet and Matak). Some Presidentials–Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt. Bananas, toothbrush, street-car, dog…the usual suspects.  I asked Sheila if she could leave the set at the studio for a few days, so I could share it with one of my printer friends, and take some pictures. And…well, play with the words. Because it is really, really cool. Seriously, historically, delightfully cool.  P.S. Happy Birthday  Dad, you’re seriously, historically, delightfully cool, too.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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5 Responses to just my type (with apologies for the pun)

  1. I love that stamp set and I love your photos on this post!

  2. Seriously salivating here.

  3. Lisa says:

    Well, you certainly look like you were having fun!

  4. Sheila Allen says:

    Thanks so much for checking out and enjoying my stamp set. When Mom drove from Wisconsin one time she asked if there was anything in the house I wanted. I got this stamp kit and my 1969 cruiser bike. I love the pictures. Now what to do with this little treasure?

    • kimtb says:

      Sheila, if this were my stamp set (and if you ever want to sell you, you know I will be first in line), I would make a shadow box coffee table for it. I would open it up, make a frame and a glass top, and there you have it. And I would make the glass removeable, so I could leave secret messages in it!

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