morning routine

At 6 a.m. the alarms start buzzing. First mine, then his. Eventually one of us gets up to start the coffee. Hopefully one of us comes back to bed.

At 6:30, we hear her rustling upstairs. One of us rises and says good morning in the dark. She doesn’t like to be the first one up, but she is, and we pretend like we’re awake with her.

I pour my coffee (nothing happens without coffee) and sit in the dark with a cozy. Sometimes a candle. And when I am ready for more light, I open my computer and check to make sure my blogs posted, and make any corrections. I am always puzzled that I can type, but not speak.

She comes downstairs and digs around for jeans or something else. I poke around with my blog friends, and Steve comes out for his coffee. If the timing is right, I hold out my cup and he knows that’s the silent signal for a refill. He asks, “Are the newspapers in yet?” even though he knows I never go outside first. He makes the brave trek ten feet to the driveway, and turns on the lights (dim, please). She makes two pancakes for herself, and pulls together a few snacks for the day.

At 7:15 she comes in for a kiss and an I love you. I try to smell her, if she doesn’t pull away first. Do you do that? Smell your babies? At 23 and 17 they are used to it, but still roll their eyes at me. Some day they will understand.

I get a coffee refill and stand by the window as she warms up her Jeep and drives away. Don’t tell her that part, ok?

Pretty much, that’s all that we say to each other in the morning, at least until 8:00 or so….”Good morning, coffee’s ready, I’ll get the papers, I love you.”

And as I type this gentle, lovely post, Steve is making me a liar by describing (in detail, and it is 7:31 a.m.) a scientific study about bilingual babies and how their brains are more active and pliable and how that relates to learning new things when we’re older, and where the study was done (UBC, Kate’s school). I believe he used the words neurons and receptors. I am pretending to listen while I type. Do you think he knows he’s talking to himself?

Oh, and good morning to you.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to morning routine

  1. I love this glimpse into your morning routine. Having a 16yo myself I can relate to some aspects of it (although I wish she’d eat breakfast!).

  2. Nicolle says:

    You standing by the window watching your daughter drive away in her jeep…..that tugs at my heart. So sweet. I love hearing about your morning routine. 🙂

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