Friday morning. 6:30 am. It’s dark and Steve is already at the golf course (someday I will tell you about how he plays Zen Golf with himself. He goes out early, early and plays the back 9 at Wildhorse. He’s done by 9:00. It makes him sane and happy. I like it because it makes him sane and happy and he starts the coffee).  Alex is about to get up and rustle around the upstairs…pulling (clean) clothes out of the laundry basket, gathering her books and keys and phone and water bottle and Luna Bar, pouring Cheerios…she leaves at 7: 19 am… far too early for a teenager, dontcha think?

Actually, I didn’t intend to share with you how our morning is starting, but how our week is ending. Last Giants game. Alex has been patient, but a tad bit annoyed with me. She declared Thursday nights “baseball-talk-free nights.” Heh. Her team, the St. Louis Cardinals, are in the playoffs. I am going to be silent in my crossover-for-a-moment fandom. She’s taking the SATs Saturday morning, applying for colleges this month and generally feeling the pressure of someone on the edge of big choices and the next step.

It’s been hot. It’s wearing worn me down. I know we started late, and it was a mild summer. But 98 at the end of September is too much. I’m just done with it.

And work…. new thinking, new opportunities… I am ready for something bold and challenging that requires the best of me. I’ve been putting in a big effort this week to make the new thing happen… Living in a place of “what if?” on all sorts of levels. Kind of neat, but at the end of the day…exhausting.

Almost finished. Then on to the next thing, I know. But I’d like this finish to include a lovely bottle of wine tonight. Perhaps that Zin we picked up at Frog’s Leap last Sunday.

See you on the flip side.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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