yes, we are, aren’t we?

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I’m headed to Vancouver tomorrow, and have a full day today. I intended to blog last night, but the Giants caught caught up in extra innings, and well, the night just got away from me.  I started a new book, called A Dog’s Purpose. My dad warned me about it. It’s about a dog who has multiple lives, and learns his purpose through each. He told me it was about Toby. I didn’t think he meant literally. When the dog said, “My name is Toby” I knew I was in trouble. Steve suggested I put the book down, for perhaps 5 or 10 years. When Toby faces his first death (oh, that’s right, because to have multiple lives, some of them must end) I decided Steve was right. I went back to the Giants. They won and my first year of a being a true blue orange fan may end on a high note.

That’s all. More tomorrow, I promise. And Dad, to get you back, I may find a book about an orchid plant, lovingly tended and nurtured by her owner, then is forgotten during a drought, and withers and suffocates in it’s own dirt. Heh.

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One Response to yes, we are, aren’t we?

  1. leslyejoy says:

    I read it recently. It’s a very sweet book. When you’re ready. Wave on your way to Vancouver! xo

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