grubb and game

Yesterday we worked until 3:00 and headed out of the heat, into San Francisco’s summer fog. We started at Flora Grubb, which is the new cool place for garden inspiration and succulents. You have to love the idea of wild plants in old, beat up cars, and hanging bikes, and fabulous rust (which I do). Unfortunately, I must have been a little too excited, and my photos turned out a little blurry. And the Ritual Coffee bar closed at 4:00 (and even though the guy was just hanging out, he really wasn’t going to make a me a cup of coffee so I could feature it in the coffee blog, but I am ok with that).  I did get this:

The famous succulent wall. For a change, I had to talk Steve out of this, reminding him that we were in the midst (or perhaps the beginning, depending on your point of view) of another project. He was still talking about it on the drive home.

You’ll just have to trust me that the plants were as cool as the stuff. We bought a few, including one of those really cool air plants. I may need more of those, plus I’d like to give Remedy Coffee Dude another chance.

We headed over to the ballpark, and ate dinner at Acme Chop House. I don’t know for sure that was the name of it. In my imagination that used to be the name of it. It might have changed, because I didn’t see the giant A hanging off the wall. Maybe it was around the corner. Maybe I missed it. Maybe I was in an alternative universe. But they had beer. And nachos to split. All good.

Steve wanted new Giant-wear, but had a tough time in the very crowded store (“That’s what a World Series Championship will do for a team, eh”).  During dinner we discussed the fact that without me really knowing it, he’s become a collector of baseball hats. I mean, I know he wears a hat every day, but we’ve never discussed it. It’s like silver necklaces (which I do wear and seem to collect).  He wanted a World Series hat (he who mocked those Johnny-come-lately fans moments earlier), but they all seemed too much…like bragging, or just bad typography, or both.  So he settled for a tasteful gray hat, to go with his other tasteful gray hats.

We had awesome seats. See:

They belong to a friend of ours, and they are sold by lottery. Steve and Alex usually get one game a year. This year Steve went big and bought two games.

Fourteen inning game, we got our money’s worth.

Halfway through the game (well, we thought it was halfway through), I decided I needed a panda hat. Not the plush panda hats that everyone had (and certainly not the orange ones, which are just silly), but the classy knit hat.

It must have been magic, because Pablo then hit a double (for a moment, I thought it was a home run, and I was really, really impressed with my super powers) and tied up the game. And there was so much more excitement to come:

We had intended to stay in the city, but then we realized we actually needed to work today. So we got the coffee (and finally, the coffee shot) and listened to inning 14 in the car (thank you Nate!). Plus, my magic panda hat and I were on the big screen for probably two whole seconds. Maybe three (!!!).

We made it home in under an hour and a half. The car pulled into the garage at 12:17 am. I was in bed by 12:22 am.

And that, my friends, was a very good day, grubb, game and all.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to grubb and game

  1. Less-ah-leee says:

    Kim! Next time you are in the city and have time, hit us up. We live in a little cottage right across from Buena Vista Park. You can meet Miss Banana Ziegler!

  2. Nicolle says:

    That does sound and look like a very good day. I love that succulent wall!

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