a lot can (not) happen over a three-day weekend

This is what did and didn’t happen at our house.

  • I convinced Steve to start a new project. He warned me I would need to be patient, and not expect it to be complete by the end of the weekend. I complied (because I am more compliant than my pleasing personality would lead one to believe), and imagined that by the end of the weekend it would be 75%-80% done. I was compliant, but incorrect. About 20% done. This morning I said, “well, as long as it’s done by the end of the summer.” He said, “oh, that’s great, I think I can have it done by the end of summer.” I didn’t have the nerve to tell him I was joking. Going to have to work on that compliant stuff a bit more.
  • I scrubbed every inch of our teak patio furniture. That part where they tell you that teak is maintenance free? It’s not true. But it looks lovely. Now, if I could only find the cushions.
  • Steve and I saw Midnight in Paris. Loved it. Even forgot that part about Woody Allen marrying his daughter for a few hours. I know it was his ex-wife’s adopted daughter, but still…ick. But the movie…magical, delightful, fun, surprising, inspiring. Am a fan.
  • Alex and I saw Bridesmaids. It was crass and gross and disgusting. Also loved it. We laughed very hard. And yes, I know that empowerment over female fart jokes isn’t what Gloria and Betty had in mind.  But it was pretty darned funny.
  • Our Fourth was quiet. No parades, or bike races, or fireworks. Just the Tour de France in our air conditioned home, some turkey burgers (stuffed with blue cheese….just a little celebratory) and marionberry pie. We listened to Bob Dylan singing “This Land is Your Land” and talked about  loving our country.

I think this is a big vacation week. I think that means I should be on a big vacation this week. Maybe next week, too. Just sayin’…

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