alex and andrea in the city

Alex’s dear friend Andrea is leaving for home in Denmark next week.  She’s been a wonderful friend to Alex this year, and by extension, our family. We wanted to make the most of our Sunday in San Francisco with her….

Coit Tower for a quick overview….then Chinatown. We sent the girls on their sidestreet wandering and stayed back at Cafe de la Presse. We met them for lunch at Utopia Cafe on Waverly Place (best pot stickers!) and then headed to the Haight (I did dash into a store to buy her a miniature California license plate with her name on it, and she accepted it with grace.)  There was a street fair on Haight Street and basically everyone in the universe was there before we were. No parking, but a pleasant drive around Buena Vista Park and great views. Didn’t think we had time for Golden Gate Bridge, so we booked it over to the Ferry Building…the girls had coffee at Blue Bottle, we had wine at the other end. Ended the day with a Giants game, because, well, just because. Great game, a bit crowded and slow until the 6th inning. But we had a view, garlic fries, Brian Wilson (Fear the Beard) closed and we won. Andrea was mostly shocked that the opposing fans were intermingled and not separated by police lines. She couldn’t believe that Cincinnati Reds fans were sitting among us!  Enough words….it’s picture time!


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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