a room of my own

Kate was here for a week, a whirlwind of energy and possibility, looking for projects and movement (that’s what a university graduation will do for you). One moment I breathed that I wish I had a room of my own, one of the upstairs rooms, where I could hang out with Steve and Alex, and craft, blog, meditate, read and make a ruckus ( I think I only imagined the ruckus). The next moment she was unloading closets, moving furniture and making it happen.

It’s still a work in progress…but so far…

It has windows overlooking the big tree and a clean desk…and the fantastic ceiling from when Alex was a baby.

It has an Ikea Billy bookcase, backed with a few maps (I love this).

It also has an inspiration wall, with three wires and hanging clips. Once the third wire went up, I said, “Wow, that’s a ton of inspiration. I don’t know if I have that much.” Kate, with her fancy college degree replied, “Well, you may have to agressively seek it.”

It’s the first time I have had a room of my own in over thirty years. I think inspiration is possible.

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