over and oprahed

I’ve been watching a little too much Oprah lately. I can go years without watching her, and generally have a conflicted relationship with her. But I’ve been watching the last shows, plus the Behind the Scenes show (which is much more interesting, dontcha think?). I am about Oprahed Out, and quite frankly, will be fine missing next week while we’re in Vancouver.

So one of the dangers of Oprah Overload are the recurring themes that are meant to inspire, but always end of making me feel, well, shallow.

Like how we are all here to define our own path, find our own truth, live in our own light, be on the journey to discover our purpose blah blah blah.

My own truth seems to be buried under messy lists, piles of laundry and tasks and trips not taken.  I don’t have any big truth. I wake up, say good morning and I love you to those around me, make the best cup of coffee I can, and make the best of the day I can.

Intention. She talks a lot about intention. What is your intention that you bring to this relationship, this day, this conversation? Is your intention to show up with compassion, to learn, to give?

Ummmm, that would be nice, wouldn’t it? I do have moments of clarity, when I am about to engage in something messy, and I remind myself to lead with love. But more typically, my intention is to get people to pick up their own shit. And by that I mean, dishes, dirty socks and wayward shoes. Oh, and actions or inactions. I will whine, guilt trip and generally make lives miserable until they (you know who you are) do what I want. It’s your shit, not mine. I have plenty of my own to manage, thank you. Seriously, how un-Oprah is that?

Forgiveness and redemption. She’s got lots of that floating around. Whatever you’ve done, or have had done to you, it will get better. It is not up to us to judge. Light and love will shine.

So…do you think it’s forgivable that I like Oprah more when she’s not skinny? And that I am just a tiny bit happy when I see a few bags under her eyes? Sometimes she just looks like she could use a nap instead of a network. Uh oh Oprah….

I wish her well. And next year I might miss her. Or next year I might use that time to get the laundry sorted.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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3 Responses to over and oprahed

  1. pam says:

    I have only caught a smattering of Oprah shows, but I love the way you have summed them up!

  2. Nicolle says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with her as well. Although I do have her penciled in on my calendar for next week to watch her final 3 shows. I’m not sure why I love her sometimes, then I can go for months and not watch.

    I hate to say, but maybe if I were a billionaire, I would be able to have more “thoughts” like hers. I do think she does a lot of good for a lot of people, but I am just a regular, simple person, trying to get by. I don’t always have “ah-ha moments” or moments where I feel like I’m living my dream, etc. ha. I think I totally get what you wrote here!

  3. You’ve summed up the Oprah dilemma perfectly. Love her and want to bop her on the head. The behind-the-scenes shows are oddly compelling though, aren’t they? I admit I’ll be heading home from work early to watch her last show. Just because.

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