happy mother’s day, nap included

It was a fine, fine weekend. I am not blogging about Toby, because I don’t want to jinx it. But he’s defying odds and providing lots of joy.  The weekend included salads and clothes shopping (yes, that was me squealing in the dressing room when I found a pair of jeans that fit), a bike ride,  and the Whole Earth Festival (Saturday, instead of Sunday this time) where I participated in the drum circle. Read that sentence again, the part about the drum circle. Oh yeah, that was me with the tambourine.  And it was really, really great. Really.


Sunday was lazy…papers and coffee and strawberry crepes. Phone calls with my mom and Kate. I bought an old metal bookshelf for $5 at the SPCA store, and imagined spray painting it orange or turquoise and filling it with pots of herbs for the patio. Perhaps even orange and  turquoise. I am not sure what I was thinking. It was Alex’s Mother’s Day gift to me that she didn’t tell me I was nuts. Steve accompanied me to the hardware store to choose paint. I could tell he was concerned, especially when he realized we couldn’t get Golden Gate Bridge Orange and I was leaning towards OSHA orange.  He claims this isn’t true, but I swear I saw the wheels spinning in his brain, wondering how to custom mix spray paint. We settled on the less bright of the oranges.

It’s really bright.


But in the late afternoon, with the windows open, and the perfect (and I mean perfect) amount of spring breeze, I took a nap.

Really fine. I could do it all over again, except it’s Monday morning, and my other reality calls.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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