honey, your dad has a mohawk

Last night….Friday night, I was so wiped out I didn’t dare drink a glass of wine, for fear I would roll up in the corner in a ball. Yes, that wiped out. So, instead of wine, we had french toast (with egg beaters, vegan-ish) with berries, and fresh orange juice. And we watched the Giants game on TV. Then Steve asked for a haircut. You can always measure the stress level of the Tackett-Barbaria home by the length of Steve’s hair. If it’s more than a 1/4″ long, we’re in the danger zone.

It was. We were. This is what happened.

We laughed pretty hard. Alex was not amused. She refused to come downstairs, so Steve went up to show her. She said he was gross. She may have implied that I was immature, or I may have imagined it.

She could have a point, but it was pretty funny. And we still have the bottle of wine for tonight.

In case you’re wondering, the mohawk only lasted for ten minutes. But it was a great stress-reliever and totally worth it.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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3 Responses to honey, your dad has a mohawk

  1. Nicolle says:

    Omg. That is funny. And Alex’s reaction might have been my reaction at that age too, poor thing, but this is totally hilarious! 🙂

  2. anniespickns says:

    I love it, especially Alex’s reaction. Steve should have left it until at least the next morning.

  3. Ha! Isn’t it when we’re having the most fun that our teens say we’re immature!

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