It happens once a year. Sometimes twice. I’ve been known to do it three times in a year, but I really need Kate here to justify it. This requires the trifecta of a rainy day, no commitments, and a Sunday (it has to be a Sunday, because Saturday is always chore day and those chores are necessary for the upcoming Sunday). It’s the perfect storm of conditions, and then it’s PJ Day.

And so it was yesterday. All day. It was as good as I had remembered. And I could do it all over again. This is not an accidental “oh gosh, look it’s noon and I am still in my pj pants” kind of day (I’m looking at you Steve Barbaria). It’s highly anticipated and it’s intentional.

Sleep in until 8 (no alarm). Coffee in the Chemex (which means patience), three newspapers, some coffee blogging, Skype with Kate, granola making, shower (at noon) and change into second pair of pajamas. More coffee blogging.  Tea sipping. Toby enjoying. (Toby had his fifth pericardial effusion procedure on Saturday). More coffee blogging (Rome and Australia coming up this week). Muffin baking. Knitting. Sitting. Photo sharing. A little laundry, but not much. Change in to third pair of pajamas for Steve’s dinner. And…finish the papers.

I missed a few things. I forgot to build a fire (but I did light candles). And somehow I missed the afternoon nap, and watching an old romantic movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday?). Reading a book…I forgot to do that. I still have a potential craft room to set up, and that could be seen as fun and not work, and technically could have been accomplished in one’s pajamas.

By the way, my entire family doesn’t participate. Steve will wear sweats, but by noon he’s pacing like a caged animal. He’s off to the grocery store, and then to the gym. Alex will stay in her pjs until noon, but then she dons her sweats and figures out a way to exercise (this weekend it was hula hoop and jump rope), then heads out to visit a friend. My only hope for PJ Day to become part of our family heritage is Kate (no pressure though, honey).

The moon was extraordinary this morning, and the sun is out. And I am happy to see both. But yesterday, that was just what I needed.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to pajamarama

  1. LisaF says:

    Entrepreneur would die. He MUST make the bed as soon as he gets out of it. Sometimes I’m still in it. Shower and dress immediately and get on with the day. And yes, we must attend early services on Sunday because THE DAY’S HALF GONE if we would happen to go to the late one. Welcome to my world. Can I come live in yours?

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