a dog’s life

Earlier this week, I was convinced I was saying goodbye to Toby. It’s been three and a half weeks since his last visit to UCD Vet Hospital, and the patterns were repeating themselves. He was lethargic, he was coughing some, and uninterested in food. He wouldn’t leave his bed, and didn’t even care about the other dogs yapping on the bike trail. I came home to check on him every two hours.  Steve and I argued over whether or not we should a take him in. Alex’s eyes welled up at the dinner table. Oh, we were a sad house…

But when Steve was around, he perked up a bit. Kind of the way kids perk up when Dad comes home from work (my friend Loran used to say she and her siblings would puppy jump their dad, a perfect description). Which confused me. In a good way, except it made me a little jealous (clearly maturity is not one of the gifts of age).

I counter attacked with roast beef. And hamburgers. And turkey. Not the cheap stuff either. The best in the store. The only meat in this house is being served to the dog.

And wouldn’t you know it? He’s back to being the active, alert, annoying dog he’s been for the past ten years. Running up and down the stairs, barking at the walkers, chasing every bird and squirrel, muddying up the sliding glass door. He’s sitting on the picnic table right now, sniffing the air, basking in the sun.

For the moment, it’s a very good thing.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to a dog’s life

  1. Kathleen says:

    Nothing like reallllly expensive dog food to convince the beast not to take another turn around the wheel. At present Shadow is eating a mix of Steves’s http://stevesrealfood.com/ along with some kind of canned dog food made from organic superfoods and some less favored kibble made from buffalo and recommended by 9 out of 10 wolves. That doesn’t include the pat of organic butter used to slide down the pills and the dental chew. Shadow is 12.

  2. elle says:

    Ah, this gladden my heart! Belly skritches to Toby from me. xoxoxo

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