week one of my vegan(ish) adventure

Not so bad. Everyone participated. My cheating was minimal. No cheese was consumed.

I also didn’t leave the house or studio, and we cooked all of our own food. I didn’t face a bakery or coffee shop counter, a menu, or a bowl full of chips. I didn’t have any wine, so not to weaken my resolve.

I also didn’t lose any weight.

But we did redecorate the kitchen backsplash/chalkboard with Michael Pollan-isms.

The truth is, we often eat vegetarian meals, but this is just the extra mile, and there is no chicken/cheese/egg/weight watchers ice cream bar/frozen yogurt respite. Steve made a vegan lasagne and soba noodles with bok choy (one of the tastiest meals we had). I did the vegan burgers, the spaghetti squash with vegie tomato sauce (and soy Italian sausages) and tofu scramble. Still lots to learn. I have been cooking tofu for over 30 years and didn’t know you press it to get the water out. And that when you add tumeric, it’s pretty passable for scrambled eggs.  I also made some delish granola that I have been cooking into oatmeal with soy milk. And hummus…lots of hummus.  And that handful of almonds thing? It works.

My cheats came in the form of adding some real milk (1%) to my good coffee, and using the soy milk for the Trader Joe’s coffee. And I have probably had about 1/2 cup of Strauss organic yogurt (mixed with the soy) over the week.

I feel good. I don’t feel hungry, and my insides don’t feel like ,”oh my gawd, why did you think I would enjoy having a chicken enchilada today, because now it’s hanging around and won’t leave.”  I am not having cravings, but then again, I haven’t tested myself in anyplace where I am not in control of the food. Both Kate and Elle sent me recipes and Kath sent me a neat note (with a shout out for eggplant) of support. I’m not quite ready to say I feel better than ever, but I do feel like my insides aren’t working against me.

It’s feeling a little too “food as fuel” and not “food as a celebration of the earth’s bounty”, but I think that’s ok.  The weight thing bugs me, and I have brought out the measuring cup again, started drinking more water, and will be more committed to exercise next week. But so far, not so bad. In fact I would rate it as pretty good.

Onward, with white bean and kale soup, grilled tofu and a new relationship with nutritional yeast. Yum-o (say it three times, and you will believe it too).


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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3 Responses to week one of my vegan(ish) adventure

  1. LisaF says:

    I could probably do vegetarian, but vegan…no cheese? No milk? No ice cream? No way!

  2. mamanne says:

    My three-month doctor-requested diet is this: zero sugars. As in, no white stuff at all… no bread, no pasta, no potatoes, not to mention no sugar! Boy, am I cranky! Like you, I am not minding the foods I eat, just missing what I can’t have – “eat to live, don’t live to eat” is certainly overrated! I wish you the best of luck… and losing! I too need to lose weight, but was enjoying Weight Watchers more than the current deal….

  3. Brad Fallon says:

    Well, Lisa, I’m on your side!

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