five things

I haven’t decided if they are good things or not. Maybe this is a judgment-free post. We’ll know by the end, won’t we?

1. We stopped our subscription to the daily New York Times, thinking the Sunday Times would hold us over, and that the iPad would take it’s place. They do a nice job on the iPad version, but sitting across from your husband with his iPad isn’t the same as seeing him in his slippers and pjs, with coffee and the paper. We still get the Sacramento Bee, and the Davis Enterprise at night, but I do think we are a three-paper family. I’m almost ready to say this with my outside voice.

2. Did you see Oprah’s show on being a vegan? And Lisa Ling’s piece where she visited the Cargill slaughterhouse? Combine this with Food, Inc., and it’s going to be a tofu kind of night.  I was actually really impressed with Cargill as a company and their spokeswoman, she did a great job. But it was a show that stays with you. Last night Steve served soy chicken tenders…not so bad. I can’t claim to give up beef, but I think factory beef is off my grocery list.

3. It’s sunny. Every day. It’s going to be sunny for the next ten days. I am slightly disappointed. I would be happy to take a rain day for every three days of sun, and let those of you in the east have some sun.  The buds are already showing on the peach trees. Already!

4. Alex has a cold. Which means she is miserable, but cuddly. You can see how I might be conflicted on this one.

4.5. Our work neighborhood has a two hour parking limit. You have to move your car every two hours, or park a few blocks away, or ride your bike. Or get a $40 ticket. This week we had his and her tickets, on the same day. Which should encourage me to park out, or ride my bike, it being sunny and all. But yesterday I drove and parked close. And then on the fourth reparking I forgot where I parked. I mean really forgot. As in I had no memory at all of it. Steve found my car right in front of the building. Which made sense, but didn’t trigger a thing. This bothers me. And not in a good way.

5. I enjoyed the sunrise again this morning, and thought about taking a picture for you again. Just trust me that it was very pink. In a good way.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to five things

  1. leslye says:

    Once again, my friend, you crack me up. Such wit makes for me a better day. But sorry about your tickets. And Alex’s cold. About the meat (and poultry and fish…) the financial bullet is tough to bite, but sourcing from the good guys has forced me to really think about quantities and frequency. And oh boy, those organic chickens taste amazing. xo

  2. LisaF says:

    Oh, I haven’t done 5 Good Things And I was just thinking about it the other day. Sunny for the next 10 days and you’re disappointed? Really? I’ll send you about 18 inches of snow if that will help! We’re hoping for sun! Snow is in the forecast again. :-/

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