the crafty sisterhood

I had no idea what I was getting into. Only that my friend Monica was picking me up at 8:30 Saturday morning (along with our college friend Leslie, and my new friend Dorothy) to meet Monica’s sister Melissa, and then meet up with another sister Tracy and her entourage from Chico.  I understood there would be thrift store shopping, and eating and laughing and re-crafting. Emphasis on the laughing. I was told to wear comfy shoes and bring snacks.

We started at a store in Roseville called re:create, that was filled with junk you HAD to have. Well, I had to, at least.

Loot count: cigar boxes, sewing patterns (for giftwrap), a motherboard and some electrical wires for a sculpture of Steve’s, and a disk brake drum (which could be a flower vase base, or it could be yard art, but it was $ .75).

The next stop was Wise Buys, which I thought was a little silly, until I found a Buzz Lightyear coffee mug for Alex for a buck. Plus, they had a bin of troll dolls. I am actually a little remorseful that I didn’t pick up a few.

Lunch at Trader Joe’s (gotta keep moving), then the Hospice Thrift Store (a 1960 Ladies Home Journal cloth bound cookbook for $ .50, a few more patterns and a British Columbia tour book that will be perfect for recrafted envelopes).  Eco-Thrift where I missed out on the vintage globe (Leslie is the goddess of good finds, I tell you), but scored four wooden pants hangars for hanging art (Kate, they’re yours). Some of the group could handle the Dollar Store, but I was of the coffee-needed-now group. My shoes were somewhat lacking in comfy.

That was Round One and we were just starting. We got our coffee, a few pizzas and salad makings, and headed to the home and studio of glass artist Dianne Van De Carr. We entered through her bowling ball garden (yes, a garden full of bowling balls, oodles of them) and Dianne and her husband gave us all shopping bags to pick oranges from their trees. I think I might have been a little greedy, but they smelled sooooo good.

Then Dianne let us poke around her studio and she showed us what was new in her work and her process. It was so colorful and delightful, and somehow reviving.

Back to Melissa’s for Round Three, pizza and show and tell…

Round Four… let the recrafting begin….paper was flying…and there was laughing.

I think I was home at 11:00. I was exhausted.

This is the 12th year this group of friends spent the day in this recrafting marathon. Tracy told me I may want to train for next year. You betcha.

About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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