just one more really, really quick look back

The New Year’s weekend was lovely. Rain and friends and fancy cheese and a clean stationary drawer and a day in San Francisco. And lots and lots of time in sweats and slippers.  But before we move into 2011, I just have to proclaim…I FINISHED PROJECT 365!!!!!!! You can see it here (My Life|Served Daily blog), and here (my Flickr page, one set). For all my complaining, I am happy I did it. I love having visual reminders of my year, especially the small, ordinary moments. I became a better photographer, and I think I became a better “noticer” and “pauser” of my life. And, I am still going to keep a photo diary for 2011…because I really can’t help myself now. Here are a few of my favorites from the group…

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One Response to just one more really, really quick look back

  1. I am so so so so so impressed with your stick-to-itiveness and all your gorgeous shots. You really have become quite a photographer, incorporating motion (the jumping!), color, still lifes (still lives?), and risk-taking. You’ve noticed and captured so many wonderful moments. Congratulations!!

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