plate tetonics

On Christmas morning I was up before the others (earlier as always, but later than before). I poured some Kahlua in my coffee, added a candy cane and because no one was looking, a healthy heap of whipped cream.

I lit the tree and the fire, and then I sat.

And felt it. A slight rumble….a little shake….almost too subtle to notice.

Except I am a mom, and moms notice everything.

I knew, then and there, this was the beginning of a tetonic shift in my life.

And don’t you go saying I am being over-dramatic. This is serious stuff, the plate tetonics of parenthood.

Small changes this year. Bigger ones next year.

The changes are good and happy, expected and welcome. I love change, really I do.

But darn it, at that moment, I only felt the unsettling shift.

I don’t know what any of  this means, but writing it makes it a little more familiar, and not so scary. In the meantime, I am going to study plate tetonics for clues.

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2 Responses to plate tetonics

  1. Nicole Isaacson says:

    Kim, just wanted to stop in and thank you for another year of interesting, usually funny (I’m always nodding my head in agreement), and often thought provoking posts. I always feel like I’m peeking in your kitchen window (but not in a creepy illegal kinda way) and visiting with you. Happy New Year to you and yours. *<l:)

  2. LisaF says:

    I, too, felt a tectonic shift in my life. Now that Peanut and her parents are gone, life has been turned upside-down…or as Entrepreneur thinks…right side up. I find myself very unsettled. Facing a new year with a new definition of parenthood with all the kids out on their own is both exciting and yet something is missing………but I still have the dog!

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