my third daughter

I know you thought I only had two, Kate and Alex. But Margot has been my third daughter forever. Last night Alex even commented that her senior picture comes before Alex’s school picture in my wallet.  Margot and her brother, Richard, and their parents, Dick and Gail, were our fabulous next door neighbors for years and years and years. Eventually they had to move to a larger house (I couldn’t even acknowledge it with my outside voice for a year) a full four miles away. Which is too far to trudge across the lawn in one’s pajamas with a bottle of wine.

Margot is now in grad school in Maine, Richard is at Chico, and Kate is, well, kinda Canadian.

Fun times, we all admit. Camping and backpacking and Millenium New Year’s Eve in Mendocinoing…every activity shared. The dads rode their bikes across Iowa one summer. Margot is a year older than Kate, and showed her the way to junior high. She was also Kate’s Barbie buddy. (I remember distinctly overhearing the girls dress their dolls in ballgowns to go the lab to work on their doctorates.) Richard was four years older than Alex and was the kindest big brother. Gail and I have shared many, many glasses of wine….many. Friday night dinners, margaritas on the front lawn, and every Halloween, Easter and New Years Eve. Even the dogs, Nikki and Toby, would run and pounce and tug and lick until they were both covered in each other’s spit. Kind of sweet in a gross way.

Last night they all came over for dinner, and we laughed for hours. I was remiss in not getting photos of all of the kids. But I did get this.

I’ve always known Margot was my daughter, because she has dark hair and dancing blue eyes, just like the other two. That’s all the proof I need.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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