oh baby, it was a party

It feels like the day after Christmas. You know that day when all you can do is relive the magic moments, pull the leftovers out of the fridge, and take naps? Yup, that day.

So, the party was a blast. This is the first baby shower I have ever given, and since it was for two very special, very creative and very magical people, Chris and Christine, we wanted to make sure there were a few unique touches.

It was a brunch, with about 30 of Steve’s relatives (whom I guess, after 31 years, are my relatives as well!). The new kitchen behaved beautifully as party central, serving up mimosas for all.

Christine may have one of the most perfect basketball baby bellies I have ever seen.

The food worked out great, Kathy made the casseroles, Alex made the desserts, and I made the salads, and then I made myself another mimosa.

We had a wishing tree  (made by Auntie, soon to be Grandma Pat).

And some of us painted onesies in the garage…

And then, because we still needed some entertainment, we had Daddy Diaper Olympics, pitting each dad against Chris and the clock. Because Chris has been a “manny” we handicapped him with his bee-keeping gear. Because the dads are always impressed with themselves when they change a diaper, we handicapped them with other stuff (baseball mitts, golf clubs, dishes, books) so they could experience true multi-tasking.

And of course, there were presents. Books and blankets and family heirlooms.

And two very excited new parents-to-be, and a very blessed baby-to-be. Lucky us to get to be part of it!

(And, we still have two bottles of champagne left for Christmas morning mimosas…let the new traditions begin!)


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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