the return of kim’s holiday gift guide

It’s a fact that I spend a tremendous amount of time amusing myself. Simple minds and all that. What better time to celebrate your inner-silly, than Christmas. Last year I discovered the website Perpetual Kid. I thought this calendar was brilliant and entertaining, a twofer in my book. And as a bonus, it was well designed. (Seriously, I really like this.)

I bookmarked the site, and forgot about it, until now. But look what else they have!

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake pan. Perfect for Alex!

And this…the world’s scariest shower curtain. Ah, it has Kate’s name all over it…

And the idea I wish I had first…the napkin notebook. Steve would enjoy, dontcha think?

And my favorite…the Minor Miracle coffee mug, celebrating Our Lady of the Latte. It makes drinking coffee a religious event.

If you didn’t see the exact perfect gift today, stay tuned. I have more! You’re very welcome.

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