what? me worry?

Alex isn’t home yet. The good news is, she didn’t spend the night in the Seattle Airport. She stayed back in Vancouver one more day, as the flight delays meant she would miss her connection, and being as we made her reservation for the last flight out for the night, well, you get the picture. The only bad part was the half hour or so when the delay was marginal…leaving her 45 minutes to make the connection. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? But when I called, the agent said, “well, if she catches the tail winds, maybe…there’s a chance she could make it…possibly.”  Luckily the delay was extended, and finally there was no question in the would she or wouldn’t she catch a tail wind conundrum.  The  other tricky part was that while I was making the change in her reservations, the girls were on public transit on the way to the airport without cell phones on. Steve took to texting Kate’s boyfriend, Brendan, who was in class…”be prepared for some freaking out when they realize we’ve canceled Alex’s flight.” His response…”duly noted.”

They didn’t freak out, and my freak out was mitigated, and she will be on a plane at 10 this morning, with a four hour layover, which is plenty of time, just in case one doesn’t catch the tail winds properly. And that rumor about me  not really being worried about her, but more concerned that I would be left with making the pies…that’s just not true (well, it was for a few minutes, but then I remembered that I knew how to order a pie from Ikedas).

In the meantime, here are pictures Steve brought home….

Brendan has an art studio off campus with chalkboards (!) and swings (!).  I can take about half an ounce of credit for the chalkboard inspiration (though his went up before mine did), but the swings are all his.

Stanley Park…

And cuddling with Dad (Kate would want me to tell you that is not their sofa. They have a white Ikea sofa, this is the room where Steve and Alex were  staying.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We’re headed to the family cabin at Squaw Valley for the day. Bringing my gratitude and my elastic pants. And hopefully my daughter!


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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