the mom worry button? you mean the one over my heart?

So Steve and Alex are taking two separate flights home from Vancouver. Steve was saving money, so he drove the two hours from Van to Seattle yesterday. It took five. He missed his flight (the only on time flight of the day). And with it, a lovely evening at home with me.  But there was another flight at 7:00 pm (only four hours after the missed flight). Except that it kept getting bumped back, until he knew he could be spending the night in the airport.

He spent the night at the Hilton across the street. He walked there, because the shuttles were taking an hour to get around the airport. He said it was the coldest walk ever. But they had a nice bar. And he had his sketchbook. He also said the room never got above 60 degrees.  He had already checked his bag, so he had no extra clothes. A cargo plane went off the runway last night. For all his saintliness, he’s not a brave flier, so it was a good, albeit cold, choice.

Meanwhile, I finished lots more of my list, and have enough checked boxes now to have regained some of my listful (kind of like lustful, get it?) self-confidence.

His plane’s gate has been changed once this morning. He’s still not on a plane…but maybe will be soon.

Meanwhile, Alex is leaving Vancouver tonight, flying to Seattle and then home. They have a travel alert on unaccompanied minors. She’s technically not one, but really, she is. Kate will keep an eye on things, and accompany her until we have to let her go.  That would be alone. Go alone.

Hopefully, it will just be an adventure.

She competent and resourceful and has great instincts. This is the child young woman who has “climb Mt. Kilimanjaro” at the top of her bucket list. She’ll be fine.

Me….I am trying not to worry. And trying to remember to breathe. Don’t worry,  I’ll be fine…..


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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