who needs a list?

So we all know that there isn’t much that gives me more of a thrill than to begin the weekend with a lovely list (in columns! in my best handwriting!) and to end it with checks and crossed off tasks (with a few empty boxes next to one or two items that didn’t make it, because after all, I am realistic).

Except for going rogue and using no list. Which is pretty much how I spent my weekend alone.

I didn’t clean one closet, or scrub one floor tile. The baseboards in our bathrooms still have their dust veneer. The Christmas cards aren’t done (but I did buy an Annie Lennox Christmas CD), and I didn’t write letters (real letters with real paper!).

I did buy two new pajamas and slippers. And firewood (well, Crackletime logs if you must know the truth). I read a book in one sitting. I began knitting a scarf.  I planted bulbs. I went to Berkeley and wandered around Fourth Street.  I drank tea and lit candles and incense and never turned on the TV. I went to the gym (twice) and took Toby for walks and collected leaves. I painted my toes (plum!) and met Tim from Top Chef Just Desserts (in the Crate and Barrel outlet, and I even spoke to him and told him I enjoyed him on the show and was sorry he left early, but delighted he came back to help Yigit win…he was funny and nice and I don’t think I embarrassed myself).

I figure I have 2 hours this morning to tackle the list. Or maybe I will tear it out and start all over again.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to who needs a list?

  1. LisaF says:

    sounds like a yummy weekend. I love paperwhites but haven’t planted them for years. Congrats on successfully going rouge.

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