five good things: crunchy leaves edition

Things I am feeling particularly grateful for on this perhaps-we-are-transitioning-to-fall-morning:

The light. There’s nothing like November light. I don’t remember being so aware of it until last year. I want to call it tea light, because it seems like all it needs is a cup of tea to accompany it.

Riding my bike to work. Steve has been riding my bike to work all year. This month we switched it up, and I ride it to work and he rides it home (he drives in and I drive home). At first I was a little annoyed, because I was having a stiff knee (I am sure the recurring arthritis…ugh) and all. But once I got past the annoyance and the initial jolt of pain, I started to enjoy it (though I wouldn’t tell him). Each day the jolt was less painful and the enjoyment lasted a little longer. Yesterday as I was climbing the small hill that seemed bigger earlier in the month, I recognized (again, I know, I know) that exercise is the key to everything.

Toast. I could write an entire blog post on how much I love toast. And perhaps I will. But for now, just know that Alex bought a jar of apricot cherry conserve at the Farmer’s Market last weekend, and we are in toast heaven.

Holiday plans. They are happening. Different from before. New homes, new people. Maybe even new foods (nah, we probably won’t go that far). Kate will be here for a week before Christmas (and Brendan will be here the weekend before). Keeping my fingers crossed for a mother-daughter pre-holiday Calistoga trip, and convincing Alex to join us. And we are making enough changes this year that I can still have the holiday fantasy of a stress-free Christmas (it’s my dream, don’t stomp on it).

Crunchy leaves. I’ve yet to have a spectacular red tree sighting, or to find a leaf so fabulous I have to take it home and pin it above my kitchen door….but the blanket of leaves and the sound of them under my feet and bike wheel…it’s almost as good.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to five good things: crunchy leaves edition

  1. LisaF says:

    I was just thinking it was time for another 5 Good Things on my end. Mainly because my attitude and mental state have been very un-good lately. Your list gives me hope I can find some things.

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