surprise, you’re about to be inspired

Well, I don’t know if YOU are going to be inspired, but we certainly were. And it was a surprise, complete with coffee and bagels and salmon and yummy organic melons. I love well-fed surprises.

So we were participating in the Chico Design Reunion weekend, and we were invited by a friend of our friends, to a brunch at the home of two artists, who lived up in the foothills in Paradise (that’s the name of the town, for you non-Californians). David and Sherry had once owned Orient and Flume, a well-known glass blowing shop in Chico. In fact, I used to sell them advertising back in 1979, and when we left Chico for London (sorry, I had to say that just because I could), they gave me a beautiful O+F paperweight, which I still have on my desk.  I was excited about the invitation, and thought we’d see some lovely glass art.

I was right about the art. But it was bolder and more fun and energizing than anything I had anticipated.

As soon as we entered their property, we knew this was something special. Sculpture dotted the landscape, along with burnt trees, the remnants of a fire that destroyed their home two years ago. In it’s place was a new home, made of found and industrial materials, incorporated in new ways, providing warmth and light…and art.

They have a gallery in their home, with about 40 (maybe 50 or more) pieces, mostly from MFA students. The sculpture hanging from the ceiling is actually an electric train. Felt walls (the felt from the backing of carpet padding), garage doors, windows everywhere.

The collection itself was delightful. It invited you in, to look closer, and discover a surprise material or message.

And outside, rust. Rusted everything, every color and texture of rust. It was just magnificent. I took about 30 pictures of the rust…will spare you all but a few.

All of us had dropped jaws. We ate and visited and wandered amongst the rust. And every one of was was inspired.

Steve shared an idea with David about a sculpture on the Gulf oil spill and his quest for a dipstick. He left with two.

The day left me pondering the idea of curating a personal art collection, and how much nurturing is involved. Nurturing of emerging artists, nurturing your home, the landscape and even the friends of friends who show up for brunch on a Sunday morning.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to surprise, you’re about to be inspired

  1. LisaF says:

    Well, weren’t you just in heaven with your camera?! I can just see you running around snapping pics of all the yummy inspiration. Great creative prompts…all of them!

    In case you haven’t heard, I’ve moved. The back story is on my .com site, but I’m now at Still tweaking here and there, and having a great time! Cya soon.

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