10:00 on a saturday night

So here we were. Six friends in Chico. Friends who had shared more than one wild night together, nights that rolled into the mornings, where coffee was always abundant (and strong). Stories that have lasted over thirty years and still make us laugh.

We had spent the morning and afternoon together, and now it was 10:00, when we all would have been satisfied to crawl into our beds in the Thunderbird Lodge. But we were in CHICO, and we were together, and that didn’t seem right. So we checked in, gazed longingly at our beds, and caught a second wind. I told Steve, “I really just want to get a cup of tea and talk, but if they want to go to the Bear, I can handle it….I think.” That’s how much I love these people.

But….we all had the same thoughts….of course we did. That’s why we’re still friends. We pondered waffles. Which sounded really good.

But  the Waffle House was closed, and we were stuck. Mark said “I feel like a Bloody Mary.”


We wandered a few blocks over, to a place that was new to us. We saw a patio with empty orange couches, calling our name. Kathy bought a round of the best Bloody Marys I have ever had. Extra spicy. With string beans and olives.  Perfect.

We wandered back home and were in bed by midnight. Alix texted me at 7:30….we’re walking down the street to photograph your old house. I let them go ahead without me.

My head kind of hurt. Part of the Chico experience, I guess.  Two beers during the day, plus one Bloody Mary. Really? Am I that old?

Revived by breakfast. And coffee, again. Another reason we’re still friends? We all whipped out our cameras to take pictures of the coffee.

We had art in the afternoon…art and rust and the best melons ever.  But that’s tomorrow’s story.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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