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On September 11, while I wrote this post I did recognize that I could count my Muslim friends on one hand. Ok, one finger. I knew exactly one. My friend Diane told me, “Kim, you are the only person I know who would say with her outside voice, ‘I need more Muslims in my life.'”

  • On September 13, Majid and Hussain showed up to work on our kitchen. They were excellent handymen and have been generous with their stories. We’ve talked family, religion, history and about the importance of having a good heart. Majid invited Steve to a Robert Fisk lecture at Sacramento State University.  He also did an awesome job on the lighting, and never complained when another new task was added to the list. On Wednesday I brought them each giant apple pies from Ikeda’s. On Thursday, his last day, Majid brought me a box (a big box!) of Iranian saffron.  Can I tell you how much I love this? Even though I really have no idea how to use the saffron?
  • Last night we went to an event for a new client of ours, one who has given me the opportunity to do some of my smartest work. I have led them through a brand reconciliation, which led to renaming. This was the kickoff event, and I was humbled and proud and thrilled and mystified to hear my language and work threaded throughout the speakers’ presentations, including from our Congresswoman. It was good work, and I was part of it. Usually the good work comes from Steve, but this time it was mine. Coincidentally, the client for Steve’s best work ever, the Nashville/Sprint musician murals, was also there.  Afterwards, Steve and Diane (the same Diane) came up and told me my brush strokes were all over the event. Wow.
  • More kitchen today. We finished our deadlines, and are prepared for Monday (meeting with a new client about a great project), and are taking today off. Chalkboard, Home Depot for (more!) paint, Ikea returns, and perhaps a chance to finish things up in the next three days. Diane (yup, same one) said her new philosophy is to only have things in her home that bring joy. nestware (yes, lowercase n) has these burlap taxidermy bears that bring me joy. Henry VI has a wistful face, and Elliot has a beret and sunglasses.  They may come join us.  We did make eggs-in-a-basket late last night. It was odd to have so much clean space and not bump into each other and other stuff. I think we need the other stuff, or at least each other. The old kitchen could barely handle two of us. I think this one can clearly handle five. Henry and Elliot would make five.  And there is still room for you. Come on over.

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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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