green tea and wasabi

This was kitchen painting weekend. We’ve been looking, testing and rejecting paint colors for weeks. We have a 1″ x 1″ square of our countertop, cupboard doors and a big blue wall to match.  We also have criteria that includes the following: happy, surprising, and something no one else would have. Our lovely “rainwater” and “soft sage”, which we had been very sure about on the chip turned out to be hospitally. Not just hospitally, dog hospitally.You know what I mean, don’t you?

So Friday morning Steve brought home five more testers. Friday night we opened a bottle of wine and made scrambled egg sandwiches and decided on “wasabi” (and not just for the name, though that was helping). I whispered that Alex would kind of hate it. And she did. She declared it a cross between baby barf and baby poo. In the morning we discovered that she might be right.

I went back to Ace and brought home more samples. “Green tea” was closer, but just a little too bright. Steve mixed a small amount with the wasabi and painted a board and we declared it perfect (armed this time with peanut butter and jelly and milk, so not to cloud our judgment). Alex wasn’t thrilled, but she wasn’t horrified.

It’s now Saturday noon, and we haven’t started painting. Prepping yes, painting no. The doorbell rings and a nice woman identified herself as Linda, and said she had a car load of record albums from my Uncle Jim (for Miss Alex). Seven boxes of mostly Broadway showtunes, with some Liberace, Percy Faith, Perry Como and marching band tunes from my aunt the synchronized swimming coach. Into the six remaining inches in the garage. (Update, the boxes also included Queen, Styx, Billy Joel and some other music Alex was thrilled to find). But I digress, which is how it got to be 3:00 with no paint color chosen.

Back to Home Depot (which is in the next town over). Poor Paint Dude tried twice to mix my magic formula of green tea and wasabi and then told me “you’re on your own lady.” We also had him do a special mix for the ceiling, because the white needed just a small dab of gray.

Steve spent the rest of the afternoon, the evening AND all of Sunday morning mixing his paint. Twenty tries (I am not making this up) to get on the wall and in the bucket what he had on his 8″x10″ board. By 2:00 he had it, or he was worn out…not sure which.

By six it was done. And perfect.

It’s happy, surprising and a color no one else has. The blue wall will have to change though…I have this deep blue chip from Martha Stewart taped to the wall, and it’s almost perfect.


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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to green tea and wasabi

  1. LisaF says:

    Well, mix a truckload of it so you have some to touch up with in a year or so! I’d hate for Steve to have to do an encore anytime soon.

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