just in case you were wondering

After my rant on Tuesday, I am on a full out mission to discover the costs of my health care. Today’s phone calls  (four) were successful. So just in case you were wondering, a colonoscopy is $4000.00. The half-assed-oscopy (technical name is flexible sigmoidoscopy, but I like my name better) is $475.00. I am buying the budget-oscopy and hoping I can go all Katie Couric and take photos.

Update: Next week’s mammogram is $400.00. There is an additional fee for the radiologist to read the mammogram. They didn’t know the price at the imaging center, but gave me the number for the radiologist. The radiologist said they no longer have a contract with my provider. However, if they did, it would be $216.00.  I guess I will let the two of them duke it out. It has to do with the  new Trader Joe’s that is being built where the radiologist used to be. Oy.

Also, my physical, with a pelvic exam (also recommended) will be $536.00 (three different fees) plus a separate cost from pathology. I called the pathology lab (because you know, it’s a separate department and there is no way to actually know).  I called at 11:47 and they close for lunch at 11:45.

I left a message.

Another update: I have made six seven phone calls and listened to more minutes of musak than my ears can bear. I still can’t find out what specific pathology lab reads pap smears. It’s not a big deal, but now I am really after it. More calls tomorrow.


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3 Responses to just in case you were wondering

  1. Cathy Thomas says:

    I don’t know if you saw my comment to the other blog entry about costs but I did see on GMA that there is a site you can go to that is supposed to be able to tell you the costs of certain procedures. It is pricedoc.com. Hope it helps

  2. kimtb says:

    Hi Cathy, thanks for your note. In general, I am enjoying doing the research and being a pain to them. They are so unused to people asking what things cost. Now it’s a mission!

  3. Think Kaiser. Cost of everything you mentioned is just a copay each…for me it$10. Had a mammogram this spring that didn’t look right to the radiologist and I had to go in for ultrasounds and more mammograms and there was no charge for that. Oh, and the $10 copay covers the mammogram and the radiologist… the whole thing. There is a clinic in Davis and there is a brand new hospital in Vacaville…20 minutes away. The main hospital in sac is also 20 minutes away. I never listen to musak. I have easy access to my doc via email. Make my own appts. online in a matter of seconds and can usually get in the same day. My doc is Sunny Baines. I love him. You shouldn’t have to put up with all the crazy stuff you are going through with your healthcare right now. Good Luck!

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