end of summer, coming soon to a life near you

Not really, but I can see it.

Today Alex comes home after her month away, working at camp.  Last night I heard myself saying “Alex and I are exactly the same in that way,” and I realized that was the first time those words have ever come out of my mouth (Kate, that’s another story….we are alike in most every way, except she’s more mature than I am).

Maybe it has to do with the fact that our triple digit days have been limited. Or that I haven’t been stressing over a big vacation (as one of the self-employed, vacations…which I love…come without vacation pay, or without anyone making money while you’re frolicking). But something is different this year, just a little slower and a little more relaxing.

One more month of long days and lazy evenings. Quiet mornings.  Tomatoes (yes, I know it’s a running theme),  peaches and sweet corn. Flip flops as work attire. Trips to The Lake.  Tangerine popsicles and apricot crisps.  And then we punctuate the month with a birthday, one that signals that perhaps it’s time for me to reconsider that maturity thing.

Happy Friday.

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