hi honey, nobody’s home

The girls are gone. Well, Kate’s been gone for four years, but we get occasional return trips. She was just here for two weeks. You know, we have Mexican food here (Vancouver may have great sushi, but no tortillas) and a washing machine that doesn’t require quarters, and Target, and new sandals (with bejeweled dragons), and orange watches, and sisters who need their hair french braided, and moms who need to smell their daughters (still) and dogs who want to run with  you, and dads who will take 15-mile bike rides with you any night of the week. We also have giant salads and a never-ending coffee pot. And grandmas and grandpas, and flat horizons and cloudless skies. And sun. We have sun.

Anyway, she left Wednesday. Alex left Tuesday for her month of counseling at summer camp. She’s home on weekends. But during the week, it’s just two of us and Toby.

It’s quiet, and clean (well, cleaner). No multiple trips upstairs to wake up sleepy girls, no TV negotiations, no requests. My razor is where I left it (kind of a big deal to me). Movies in the middle of the week, dinner for two, time for happy hour (next week!), guilt-free golf, time for projects and simply sitting. We had this last year, too…and it sort of surprised us how much we liked it. It’s great. Not quite as great as seeing her this afternoon when she comes home….expecting her to be exhausted and happy, which Steve points out, is the best way to be.

That’s all. Transitioning into the weekend, and into the next phase of our lives….I do hope it’s a very, very long transition.

Happy weekend.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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