what i have instead of a blog post

  • A multi-page list waiting for a vacation.
  • A sassy new pedicure. Hot pink. Really. Who says I never try anything new?
  • Anticipation of Kate’s airplane arrival, Brendan’s train arrival, both within the next 24 hours.
  • Excitement for Alex’s USA Weightlifting National School Age Championships this weekend.
  • Sore shoulders from my own weightlifting (ok, not in the same category as hers, but it qualifies as exercise).
  • A date with Grover. We’re going to talk about health care reform. In a respectful manner. Because we can. And we’ll have a cocktail, too.
  • A broken coffee pot (seriously, a big deal).
  • The T+B 2010 Summer Reading List, almost ready (so close).
  • Reservations for a great house in Point Reyes next week.
  • A kitchen floor that is begging to be mopped. 7:43 am, time to get to work.
  • A niggling feeling this isn’t the first time I’ve written this  post.
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