oh, so this is what they mean by relaxed…

I’m in Whistler with Kate. It’s 8:30 pm. I am in my pajamas. I have a glass of wine. My body feels like jello. This is very, very good.

Back up to Thursday. I flew to Vancouver for my annual Kim and Kate trek. While having her so far away has caused  just a little heart break (or perhaps heart bend), these yearly trips have helped move our relationship to that mysterious “next place” that the more experienced moms tell me about. And we’re getting really good at them.

Kate has a new apartment and her first serious boyfriend–the witty, delightful and ever-so-entertaining Brendan. I met him last summer, when he was one of six roommates. But even I knew he was the cutest one, plus they did NY Times crossword puzzles together every morning. Steve and Alex spent lots of time with them last fall, and came back with rave reviews. The only problem, and it’s not a problem, just slightly weird, is how much Brendan looks and even acts like Steve.  And since I met Steve when he was the same age, 21, it’s just kind of time warpish. Not that Kate and I are ANYTHING alike. I suspect we’re simply taking turns freaking each other out.

Our time in Vancouver was defined by food and shopping. Thursday night we went out for Malaysian, and Brendan used one of my favorite words, Zamboni (Leslye Wood, you get how wild that is, don’t you?).  Friday we purchased most of Vancouver, including new running shoes, a fancy French Press, a red tea kettle, perfect square mason jars for dry goods, the cutest orange paring knife ever, yellow reading lights, a clothes hamper, and enough bulk food to feed the two of them all summer long. Honestly, I have never seen anyone so tickled to be in the bulk foods aisle of a grocery store. They were thrilled with the rice, beans and oatmeal. Simple pleasures, eh?

We had to stop for snacks of course, and went to their favorite sweet shop, Butter. I was all about the date bar, Kate loved the homemade marshmallow, and Brendan swore by the giant oreo cookie. But really, is there anything sweeter than this?

We finished off Friday with Indian food (and yes, the best chai ever). On Saturday Kate and I drove up to Whistler and have had a wonderful time, with lots of talking and lots of quiet, if that makes sense. We haven’t turned on the TV in our room, and have enjoyed our books and each other. Oh, and the giant jacuzzi tub that is IN our room. Not in our bathroom, in our room. There’s a Lush store nearby, so we bought a bath bomb and chocolate mud mask, and a bottle of wine.  We also wandered around the village so I could ogle the mountain bikers (think muddy gladiators, though the girl gladiators were even more impressive) and we could enjoy French Onion soup on one of the patios. Then we came back to the giant bathtub and, as Kate would say, drifted.  In fact, I would say we took drifting to a new level.

This morning we took enough of a walking hike that we felt like we could enjoy an afternoon practicing our drifting skills,  and  drove a bit up the hill to the Scandanave Spa. This is a new place, nestled in the woods, with saunas, hot and cold pools and waterfalls. You kind of drift between the eucalyptus sauna, the cold plunge,  and hot pool, then choose between the chairs at the outdoor fireplace or the indoor solarium to drift a bit more. Then you do it all over again. Many times. They also have a traditional Swedish Sauna, but only tried that once. There are several pools, and it’s so thoughtfully designed, that you never really see other people. Just clouds and sky (some sky, mostly clouds this weekend) and trees and mountains.  It’s a cell phone and camera free zone, so I broke multiple rules by bringing out my iPhone.  It was quiet and beautiful and cleansing and driftalicious.

We did manage to find our way back to the hotel and I did some shopping for Steve and Alex, and Kate started her third book. We had a light dinner and are back for the final drift.

Tomorrow we leave, but we’re hoping to take this new mellower version of Kim and Kate with us. Keep an eye out for the drifters…


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to oh, so this is what they mean by relaxed…

  1. leslye says:

    Yes, I get how wild that is!
    Leslye Wood
    p.s. Brendan is such a cutie!

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