a small vacation, hold the drama please

The past two weeks have been full of heart-stopping drama. Literally. Two weeks ago Toby was in the hospital with his “heart fluid does he or doesn’t he have a cancerous tumor” escapade. He doesn’t, and he is absolutely back to his normal, annoying, energetic self. A week ago today Dad was having angioplasty and hearing sobering news about how serious his heart attack was.  He’s on the mend, and today my brother Neal is taking him to the park where he flies remote control airplanes with his buddies twice a week (no girls allowed, though Grandpa let Kate come along one time). I am done with drama, ok? I just want to be clear about that.

Today I’m flying up to Vancouver for my annual Kate-fest. I’ll get to stay with Kate and Brendan for two days. She’s promised me a new Japanese restaurant where the food is weird and unrecognizable, and a long list of things they need for the apartment. She has a new job as the student art commissioner, which means she has a gallery to curate, art to save,  and students to engage and excite. I am certain there will be some brainstorming around that. Saturday Kate and I will drive to Whistler for a few days. If it’s sunny (keep your fingers crossed, please) we’ll hike. If it’s not, I suspect we can find a spa and some books. And of course, we can just hang out and enjoy each other. We’re pretty good at that.

I’m home on Monday. And back to my own reality, replacing the drama with the laundry and gym and gardening, and maybe a bit more blogging. See you then.

PS. Thanks for the book lists below. Keep going…this is fun.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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