crafty grandpa

I am pretty sure my girls have the only grandpa ON THE PLANET who does crafts with them. Dad has helped them create more school projects (castles made out of paper cups and paper towel rolls, anyone?) and costumes than I can count (well, Grandma has helped some on those). Alex had another costume to create this week. This was for a softball event, and she was going to be Toad from Super Mario Brothers.

I didn’t really want to get involved. I told her there was an old bike helmet (ok, so it’s mine, and it might be my sly way of getting a new one) and some poofy stuff (pillow stuffing) in the garage. And some trash bags, and duct tape….but that was pretty much it. I did offer a helpful hint though…

“You know who could help you this weekend?”

She knew. The Grandpa with the Gluegun.

For the record, he glued the poofy stuff directly onto my helmet, and then skipped the trash bag and used an old t shirt instead. The hat looks awesome. Alex wouldn’t let me take a picture of her wearing it because she said I would put it on my blog (where would she get that idea?).

But she recognized how incredible it is to have a Grandpa who will make stuff with you.

Later Steve was helping her paint a blue and gold vest on a t shirt. I heard them talking, and she was asking him what it felt like to be an artist and a painter.  It was really a nice moment. The vest looks great, and I realized my grandkids will also have a grandpa who makes stuff. I am hiding my new bike helmet, for sure.


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One Response to crafty grandpa

  1. LisaF says:

    Is this the same Grandpa that made the amazing gingerbread village?

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