the light moment

Today is day 120 of my 365 Project. We’re 1/3 through the year, and I have posted a new photo every day for 120 days. I have learned to take my camera with me everywhere and to make sure I take a few on the weekends (and a few means taking from 20-80 a day, so I can pick one) so I’ll have them ready for the week. I have also learned not to be disappointed when the moment I had imagined all day long turns out not to be the perfect photo moment, but rather the moment next to it shows up. More than anything, I have learned to notice the light. It’s usually fleeting, I can’t put it off. If I don’t appreciate it RIGHT THEN, it will be gone when I come back.

Yesterday morning I knew better. I was rushing for work, convinced that if I tossed down my breakfast, threw Toby’s food in his bowl, and ran out of the house, I would get to the studio 30 seconds faster and that would somehow help me meet my deadlines. Except that as we drove up to the studio, the light was so lovely on the train station next door.

So I asked Steve to take my computer and stuff upstairs, and I stayed and wandered a bit. Just to appreciate the light. And I still made my deadlines. I have two more today, but I’ll have my camera with me, just in case.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to the light moment

  1. Yes to stopping and uh, smelling the light.

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