and hilarity ensued

Saturday was UC Davis Picnic Day, the campus open house and fun-filled Davis tradition. Perfect weather this year, and 75,000 people showed up for the party. We skipped the parade, but rode our bikes over for the afternoon. We started with the Doxie Derby, which was packed, and way fun. Missed the Frisbee Dogs, but made it to LaRue Field for the UCD Women’s Softball game. Then we rode over to the “duck place” at the arboretum, for the greatest tradition of them all, Battle of the Bands.

This is a ten-hour competition between the UCD Band-Uh and who ever else shows up. This year it was UC Irvine, Cal and Stanford. Each band takes turns playing a song until they are songed-out. And every so often, they all play together and generally go nuts. Running through the crowd, up the hill, circling the trees and spreading music (and yes, joy) throughout. It was clearly a no-frown zone.

I counted 27 tubas, we guessed there were over 50 saxes. Same for trombones. And guys wearing dresses or at least florescent leggings. Our timing was perfect and we lucked into the hour-long rendition of Chicago’s It’s Only The Beginning.  It included secret agents, underwater swimming, playing each other’s instruments, playing laying down, playing under one’s legs, or the leg of the person next door. Hilarity ensued.

It kind of looked like this.


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One Response to and hilarity ensued

  1. anniespickns says:

    When I lived in Davis I never missed the parade or the Battle of the Bands on Picnic Day. They were oh so hokey and that made them wonderful. Were the cheerleaders down at the Battle of the Bands. I remember them competing with each other and the bands.

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