a bazillion dollars doesn’t necessarily mean one has good taste, but it does mean you can buy a ton of statues

One of the “must sees” on the Central Coast is Hearst Castle. Steve and I had both been as kids and still remembered it (especially the indoor pool), but our kids haven’t been. We were staying close by last weekend, so we played tourist. The only problem was that I knew I would get all bourgeois weirded out (as in “how can this guy have so much money and such bad taste, and Julia Morgan had to deal with him for  30 years, and he had 200 dachshunds for gawds sakes and of course he was crazy, and how come all of the women statues have the same perky breasts?”) and well, that wouldn’t be so good. But I kind of wanted to see it, and I wanted Alex to see it. So Steve and I took the “self-guided garden and vista tour” on Friday evening (where you get to wander around and chat up a docent when you feel like it) and Alex went with her cousins and grandparents on Saturday. A great solution.

It was beautiful. And overdone. And interesting. And weird. Did I mention overdone? It’s sort of a can’t look-can’t look away kind of tourist experience.  But I liked it. In a weird kind of way. For the record, Alex got kind of weirded out too (that’s my girl). See what I mean:

It’s worthwhile. But leave your good taste judgment meter at home, and just enjoy the view.


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4 Responses to a bazillion dollars doesn’t necessarily mean one has good taste, but it does mean you can buy a ton of statues

  1. anniespickns says:

    It is truly an amazing place and although it is truly not “my style”, I feel it is definitely one of California’s treasures that is not to be missed.

  2. kimtb says:

    Ann, loved the pool (probably took 20 photos of the grid), and the 120 varieties of citrus trees. And we just kept saying, “wow, look at that…it’s weird, it’s cool, it’s weird, in a cool sort of way.” The self-guided garden tour is new. They take you up at 4:00 and let you stay past sunset. It was quiet and peaceful, but really, really cold. There are big wicker chairs everywhere, so you can just hang out, like you owned the place. Only thing missing was the wine!

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  4. happy says:

    i just want to know why there aren’t more pictures of perky breast.

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