boarding and blogging with bariza

I had a list of things I wanted to do this past weekend at the coast in Cayucos.  Walking, reading, wandering, wine tasting, coffee on the deck, wave watching, photos, board games with the cousins. No where on my list was “hanging out at the skateboard park with my new nephew, Bariza, and helping him build a blog to share his love for skateboards, animals and maybe plants.”

And that’s what I did, and it was so awesome.

Bariza joined Steve’s sister’s family a year ago, and this was the third time we’ve been together. We really didn’t know each other. After all, I am just one of the aunties, and the only one with gray hair. But I gave him a kite, and then I asked the kids to jump for photos, and then I took pictures of the seaweed, really close up, flies and all, and he began to think that I might be ok.

On Saturday, things got even better.  The rest of the family went to Hearst Castle (Steve and I had gone to the sunset garden tour on Friday) and I had seen a skateboard half pipe being built downtown. I did know that Bariza loved skateboarding, so I suggested we check it out. Steve and Rick came along, but they were more interested in each other (or maybe standing near me, as I was standing on a bench, wearing Bariza’s hat, sideways, was just too embarrassing).

I took photos…

Afterwards we walked on the pier and took photos together, and even set up a few. Then we went to the town of Harmony and took photos together of the glass blower, and the rusted bicycle and the ceramic iguanas. I showed him the all-important trick of turning your camera at a weird angle. We finished off our photo tour in Cambria with this guy who carves giant mushrooms and hobbit houses out of trees.

Later that night we edited the skateboard photos, retouched some, and set up a blog–picked a name and a theme, and made Bariza famous. At least in our own minds. Take a look. And be sure to look at the story he dictated to me.

I don’t know if he’ll keep it up, and it doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t (but if he does, I’ll for sure link to it here). What matters is that I got to spend a few hours in his world, and he spent time in mine.

Skateboarding and blogging, who would have guessed? Awesomeness, at least for me.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to boarding and blogging with bariza

  1. LisaF says:

    Blessed are the flexible for they shall never get bent out of shape. Sounds like a great weekend, for everyone.

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