happy birthday grandpa vince!

Steve’s dad is (truly) 80 years young. This weekend we celebrated his birthday at a beach house on the central coast, with most of the grandchildren (missing only Kate and Matt).

Seriously, is he good looking or what?

Vince golfs, and gardens. He does 40 push ups every day. He sings in the church choir. He grills a mean piece of meat and mixes a fine martini. He can fix anything. In fact, when he comes to visit, he wanders around the house and yard, looking for stuff to fix. He builds doll houses and horsey stables, and baby cradles and rocking horses. He reads fat books. He tells stories of homemade go carts in the streets of San Francisco. He takes his ENTIRE family to Italy. In a word, this grandpa rocks. And his grandkids (and nieces and nephews) all know it.

With Alex and her Saturday morning breakfast (four kinds of pancakes, bacon and fruit).

Kids and grandkids, minus two.

With Grandma Adeline, who does most of the stuff he does, except for the martini part.

Skyping Kate.

Candles? No sweat. What do you think those 40 push ups are for?

With Elizabeth, and the notebook the grandkids made for him.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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2 Responses to happy birthday grandpa vince!

  1. I’d be willing to let him adopt me. : )

  2. Vince Barbaria says:

    Kim I really enjoyed your days blog. And why wouldn’t I? You said so many nice things about me. You really set the bar pretty high. I’m going to try to live up to it. The pictures were great. Thanks much
    Love Vince

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