How do I do it all, you ask? Why, I simply lower my standards.

Do you ever read or hear something that just bugs the heck out of you? For days…and it was something stupid and not even relevant, but you still carry it around and can’t get rid of it? Our family term is “like a bugger stuck on your finger…” (yes, you’re welcome for the visual). It’s been established that I am an emotional nutcase with unhealthy response to most anything… So this is what’s bugging me:

For some weird reason I follow a few blogs of crafty/designery/lovely/Mormonny moms. They run small businesses, have many children, know how to wear a headband (the moms, really!), cook, create and speak at conferences. I have ZERO in common with them (except that we all adore our husbands). One on blog last week one woman was answering the “how do I do it all” question, and she had a list.   She ALWAYS makes the beds, empties the dishwasher, reviews her lists, writes in her journal, takes a run, sends personal notes to a dear friend. (Ok, so I embellished her list, but that’s how I remember it.) Here is the kicker…the part that has stayed with me all week long (and I didn’t embellish this):

“And I always make a loaf of bread each morning. I love knowing at mid day, that at least I accomplished that.”

I am pretty sure she was telling the truth. And I am pretty sure she didn’t write that to piss me off. And I am pretty sure I should have let it go by now. Envy is not attractive on me. I can’t tell you how many times a day I have thought about this, and how many times a day it has annoyed me. If you knew, you would lose any shred of respect you have for me.

I am so far away from that reality. My line has always been, “My job is to make sure everyone in the family has clean underwear, every day of the week…and sometimes we make it.” And as a working mom, I had to make some choices. And I chose coloring over cleaning, laughing over laundry, and reading and cuddling over most everything else.  And it worked out ok for the four of us.

Here’s my reality (and I have two grown children, one who lives very far away, an equal partner husband, and a flexible schedule, with a 7 minute commute… I have no excuses).

“Every morning, no matter what, I brush my teeth.”

That’s my standard, and that’s how I do it. Skip the floss when necessary…keep my standards low and manageable.

Bread? Really?

Letting it go….letting go….letting go…..


ok, gone.

Tomorrow, I floss, too.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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5 Responses to How do I do it all, you ask? Why, I simply lower my standards.

  1. It’s called a bread machine. Pretty easy really, especially if you use a bread machine mix. But then actually..that’s too many carbs. so, you’re cool. And cuddling and laughing always, always make happier, healthier people than bread, machine or not.

  2. LisaF says:

    I have a plaque downstairs around “the kids” bedrooms that reads;
    Cooking and cleaning can wait til tomorrow
    Babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow
    So quiet down cobwebs, dust to to sleep
    I’m rocking my baby
    Ans babies don’t keep.

    Even though they are grown, it reminds me to define my priorities and let the rest go for another day, week, month, year…

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. kitchendoor says:

    I have never in my life made a loaf of bread that tasted good. There I said it.

  4. nicole says:

    OMG Kim….this literally made me bust out laughing out loud in my office. You crack me up. We have a new puppy. So right now, my everyday thing is this: I try to clean up all the wet spots on my carpet and keep the urine smell from invading the entire house. Sometimes I even have to resort to cooking dinner to mask the smell. Feel better? Baby steps, my friend.

  5. Thank you for the reminder that lowering one’s standards is a brilliant, brilliant idea. F&%$* bread!

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