kim’s favorite things

This post could seriously change your life…and it a good way. I know Oprah’s favorite things usually include cashmere and cars and designer handbags. That cashmere stuff is all fine and dandy, but these favorite things can have a lasting (sustainable!) impact on your everyday life. The list, from my home to yours. You can thank me later.

Don’t ever iron again.

I bought this by accident before I went to Mexico, thinking it was Febreze. Oh, so much more than fresh smelly spray. If you spray even your wrinkliest shirt with this, then give it a bit of a stretch, you are good to go. Honest. Go to Target and buy it now. You will be so happy, I promise. And you’ll smell good. And you will have the fresh-pressed appearance of someone who cared enough to pull out the ironing board.

Watch out tomatoes.

Alex received lots of cooking stuff for her birthday, including Cameron, the pistachio-colored Kitchen Aid. One of her friends gave her this ceramic knife…the brand is Kuhn Rikon. Every time one of us uses it, we say…without fail….”this knife changed my life.” It’s sharp, and light and cute and makes everything fun and easy. I appreciate a good knife…but this one is the  Apolo Ohno of knives.

Who needs to be smart anyway?

When I worked at FFH, a group of people would play Banangrams at lunch, but I was somehow (ridiculously) intimidated to join them. I love Scrabble, but I am not as good as I should be at it. If you love words, and games, and wine (because you can drink wine while you play this) and fun packaging…this is perfect. We take it everywhere and play it all the time. You can play with 2 -6, and change the rules as you go along. It’s kind of like speed Scrabble. You make your own small crosswords, but can start over, or get new tiles. I don’t really know how you win, but this has replaced a deck of cards in my “let’s bring a game or something to do” bag.  Again…Target….way fun and easy (and cute…like the knife, but different…though I am betting the knife could make quick work of the tiles).

There are other favorite things that you should know about, but I don’t know if they fit the “this will change your life” category. Trader Joe’s Wintery Blend coffee (and I am NOT a flavored coffee fan), Dove hair conditioner, goat cheese (any kind) and slippers with soles. But let’s monitor our change…we don’t want to overdo it.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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One Response to kim’s favorite things

  1. LisaF says:

    I’ve been ironing the Downy way for years!

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