it’s awards season

Don’t worry, no heels or Spanx required…this one you can do in your pajamas. In fact, it’s probably best done that way.There are lots of things I don’t understand about the blogosphere, and one of them is how awards are created, chosen and delivered.  But  lack of understanding has never stopped me from jumping in.

This weekend  I was surprised and delighted to see that my blog friend Lisa, of Peripheral Perceptions, awarded me the Sunshine Award and the Icing on the Cake Award. I don’t know what it means, but the only thing that’s required of me is to thank her (I did) and pass it on. I am now. I did google “Sunshine Award” and figured out that it’s something bloggers pass to each other when another blog has inspired them.

So here it is, Kim’s Sunshine Award to my peeps (those in the left hand margin) who inspire me, and keep me distracted, every day. There are other blogs I love, but these are the ones I consider my blog friends.  I love the fact that they range from people I have known all my life (hey Cousin Mike) to folks I have never met. They are all pretty different from each other, but if I were to have a party they’d all be invited, and I’ll bet they’d all enjoy each other.

From the top down, we have Ann, who I think I’ve known 25 years, and she blogs about Farmer’s Markets. Ann was active in ADAC (Art Directors and Artists Club) when I was and we have put on many a conference together. We’ve reconnected through blogging and Facebook, which has been great fun.

Next down, Elle is my fashionable friend. We’ve also known each other around the same time. We met professionally and became instant friends. She lives in the foothills and I don’t see her much, but we connect, well always. Which is always puzzling, since she has more style in her little (well-toned) finger than I do in my entire wardrobe. Go figure.

Papi’s Trips belongs to Grover, who is the Chairman of the Board at FFH. We don’t agree on everything (um, that would be my boyfriend, Barry), but we agree about the important things in life, and we’ve become friends since our trip to India. He got me into blogging and meditating and I will always be grateful. He is one confusing, amazing dude (and I say that with love). He also introduced me (virtually) to his daughter Andrea, who blogs under Forever is Tomorrow is Today. I met Andrea when she was living in England with her newborn son, Finn and her husband, Lee. That was two years ago, and now they’re in Atlanta. Which is also where one of her best friends, Alice lives…who blogs under Wandering Wonderland. Alice is also a new mom, and oh-so-southern. We all read and comment on each other’s blogs, and I feel connected in a new mom, Chik a fil, sweet tea, Atlanta kind of way.

Then we have Trenton, who blogs under No Hay Camino. He doesn’t blog every day, but he’s got a big story to tell. Trenton is my just-turned-thirty friend who spent the last eight months sailing from Israel to Florida, via Africa.

My cousin Mike is traveling around the world with his wife Anna and their three children, and is blogging about it under See Waites Go. Right now they’re in South Africa, hanging out with the penguins. I can’t believe they’re pulling this off!

Lest you think I left two out, I’ve saved two special blog buddies for  my Icing on the Cake Award.  Summer Dressing (she has another name and I even know what it is, her first name at least, but she uses SD, so I will too) of Musings at a Picnic, and Katie of Kitchen Door are two blog friends I have never met, but I suspect we will some day.  Summer Dressing commented on my blog after I mentioned my experience with Global Volunteers in Costa Rica. She also did a trip to Peru. I think Katie is a real life friend of hers.  I am pretty sure they both live in the Boston area. I know they are both significantly younger than I am… probably closer to Kate’s age.  I suspect they are both editors. I love how they both write, read, ponder, cook, eat and share. I feel connected to them, which might sound weird, if you aren’t a blogger.

But if you’ve read this far, then you are, and you understand.

So mimosas all around, because it is morning, after all. And now, you may get up and stretch your legs, meet with the press, and pass it on.  I think….like I said, I don’t know how this works, but it sure was fun.

P.S. I have a whole other list of inspiration for re:design. Someday I’ll make up my own award!


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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6 Responses to it’s awards season

  1. elle says:

    Thanks, Kim. I’m honored! Being recognized by you is better than a style spread in The LA Times!

  2. anniespickns says:

    Thanks Kim. You definitely deserve a Sunshine Award as you bring sunshine into my life every time you post and that is the Icing on the Cake. Keep em coming.

  3. Oh my gosh! I won something! Wait, let me pick out a dress. I’d like to thank my mother, my boyfriend, my teachers, the Academy…

    Thanks a bunch, Kim. It’s been great getting to know you in the blogosphere and discovering all our freaky similarities. You are my West Coast kindred spirit!

  4. kitchendoor says:

    YOU are completely delightful and rad. Thank you so much–I am so glad we found each other.

  5. andrea922 says:

    Thanks Kim, I am so happy to have ‘met’ you through my dad!

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