my tuition dollars at work, olympic style

Bragging today (I know it, you know it, and now the internet knows it). When Kate decided to go to UBC in Vancouver, we knew The Olympics would be there during her senior year (as an aside, did you know that The Olympics style guide requires the word the in The Olympics to be uppercase…always? I learned that during The 1984 Olympics when I had access to information like that)(as a second aside, they don’t call it senior year…they refer to it as “fourth year”, cause they’re fancy or something), and we always intended to go. Until we saw the ticket prices, and did the math (real math with real money) and we decided to continue paying for her schooling and to enjoy them from the cozy comfort of our couch. We weren’t happy about the decision, but it was the responsible thing to do in this recessionary moment.

Kate is the culture editor of the school paper, the Ubyssey, and has a press pass for the media centre (again with the fancy, this time the spelling of centre), plus the energy and excuse to make a story where she can. I won’t show you the clip of her licking the art sculpture (you can find that on your own, if you’re so inclined, but judging from the look on her face afterward, she appeared to understand it wasn’t a great idea), but I will show you this.

That’s her, in the middle, in the orange (shown at :25-:27). Her boyfriend, Brendan, did the video (and yes, I think it’s way cool that they do projects together)  And the voice? Oh, that’s soooooo Kate. She knows how to deliver a good ending, that’s for sure.


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Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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  1. andrea922 says:

    So cool!

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