happy birthday to us

Dang, I missed it. Our two year anniversary. Yours and mine. Oh good, you missed it too…now I don’t feel so bad. I started this blog on February 5, 2008, as I prepared for my trip to India. Grover was my Blogfather, and he didn’t even snicker as I muddled my way through those first posts. At least not to my face. I couldn’t figure out how to make my photos bigger, or even rotate them.

But along the way, I did. According to my stats, I have written 575 posts, with 642 comments. I’ve had 21,119 views and I don’t think they are all my mother (shout out to Jan, and thanks for showing up Mom).Β  I’m small potatoes in blog land, but it’s been pretty neat.

I’ve made blog friends, who I only know through this medium. Babies have been born, grandparents have died, books have been read and many meals have been cooked and shared in my blog neighborhood. Weddings, anniversaries, big moves, and small thoughts. We had an election, lots of holidays, and lots of loving on our kids. We pondered, we questioned, we mourned, we joked.Β  But mostly we simply shared with who ever showed up for the story.

Of course, in the way that is Kim, I had to start a second blog, re:design, and then a third, life:served daily. I am nothing if I am not obsessive.

So thanks for showing up, and reading, and commenting, and being a blog buddy. I appreciate you more than you know, and I am humbled and grateful and delighted that you would take the click to see where the Tour of No Regrets is headed.

Speaking of the Tour, this week I think I will revisit some of the India stories. Including this one.

See you tomorrow, my friend.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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8 Responses to happy birthday to us

  1. Grover says:

    It’s hard to believe it has been two years since that photo was taken. I remember it like it was yesterday. The man that was singing as you stood there.

    You really are a dedicated Blogger.

    I’m using your cup at 5am as I type this.

    • kimtb says:

      That was the day you did the testimonial, with the little boy on your lap. I think it was he day after Finn was born….


  2. LisaF says:

    Happy birthday…or anniversary…or whatever you want to call it! I love reading your blogs. Thank you, my bloggy friend, for being so obsessive. πŸ™‚

  3. Leslye says:

    One of the first things I do after logging on every morning is look to see if you have a new post. Keep blogging, my friend – you are articulate and interesting and funny and an example of all that’s good about these kinds of blogs. If I can’t live near enough to see you, this is a great way to keep up. Love you, Kim!

  4. Alice says:

    Congratulations on two years….and it is especially close to my heart since February 5 is my birthday.

    What a great present!!

  5. nicole says:

    Yes, Happy Birthday, or Anniversary, or whatever. I always look forward to my daily dose of Kim. πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Anniversary blog buddy! I think we started a month apart, which is ever cooler. It’s been fun joining your tour of no regrets. A good reminder to us all to live with abandon. I’ve loved reading about your experiences, family, food, and fun. Go, go, go!

  7. andrea says:

    Happy blog-birthday! I am glad you started blogging – and I love the term blogfather πŸ™‚ And yes, Finn’s birthday is tomorrow, so it was definitely close to that day!

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