new week, new poster

Quiet weekend, kind of the same old, same old, which I kind of love. Went out for sushi at Mikuni on Friday, and sat at the bar again (every time we sit at the bar in any restaurant, we like it so much, we swear we will only sit at the bar…this time was no exception…great fun). Cleaning, errands, putzing, soup, fire in the fireplace, Scrabble, movies (Fame, which was so not good, like bad chocolate, and Wendy and Lucy, which was soooooo slow), more Project 365ing (so much to learn) and flickring, and coaching Alex as she tested more recipes for her dinner party next weekend. Sunday was appetizer day, and we didn’t even bother to make dinner, we just ate her food it came out of the oven.

Oh yeah, this was about the poster. Sorry about that.

Years ago, on HGTV, I saw a show about foyers. It said a foyer is the invitation to your home, the introduction, and it give the visitor a glimpse as to what they can expect. We don’t have a foyer, but we have a hallway, so I asked Steve to paint this.

And yes, it’s pretty much floor to ceiling. Clockwise from left:

  • Luna, Kate’s first horse and first love
  • Mocha, the sweetest kitty who is now in kitty heaven
  • Lady, the Goldfish who seemed to live forever
  • Pyro, the bearded dragon who eventually went to live with a sweet kid named Juan, and his Uncle Juan
  • and of course, Toby the Wonder Dog.

So that’s the first thing you see when you come in. The second  piece you see, is this drawing Kate did for Steve when she was five. It’s a map of Disneyland she felt he needed after an unfortunate incident when he got lost, missing (five in a row) rides on It’s a Small World, but finally rejoining us hours later, relieved that the two of us had not been kidnapped as he had feared, but simply ran to the bathroom during the Aladdin parade (she had to go…no time for chit chat). It is one of the Tackett-Barbaria folklore stories, and I should tell it better, and next time I will.  Anyway, she made this map, and was horrified when I framed it, because he would need it, you know.

So now the girls go to Disneyland without us (and I am not sure they even go on Small World…maybe they save that for me). And Steve gave me a new poster for Christmas. I wrote about this piece in the studio blog, re:design, back in March (here), and perhaps he felt it could be a good message for me (like I am high-strung or something, sheesh).  He said he imagined it in the studio, but it really does look so nice at the front of the house. Because even I admit that sometimes I need the reminder when I am leaving for the day….or coming home from the day.  Or just tripping over the laundry of the day.

We moved Kate’s poster, and hung this up in it’s place. We did find another home for the Disneyland map, around the next corner. Just in case, he needed a reminder of his own.

So Keep Calm, Carry On, and have a good week, my friends.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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3 Responses to new week, new poster

  1. Grover says:

    Steve is so talented. I really like the foyer/hallway painting.

  2. Love the artwork! And yeah, not so much love for Wendy and Lucy. I wanted to like it so much, but it was relentlessly gloomy and as noted, sloooooow. Thank you for saving me from Fame. I was tempted.

  3. kitchendoor says:

    Isn’t sitting at the bar so completely delightful? It’s so glam.

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