holiday report 09|10

Ah, here it is. The new year. Perhaps one that can fulfill the promises we all made last January 21. Remember that day when hope was the buzzword that made us giddy and well, hopeful? But we’re moving forward, yes, we are.

The tree is in the gutter, and the boxes of decorations are in the garage (but not all the way in the rafters). The wrapping is still in the dining room, and the lights are still up. But the red candles are done, the red plaid table cloth is gone, and I have had enough days in sweats and slippers to satisfy my inner lazybones. The giant graham cracker candy amusement park thing still lives in our kitchen, but it’s been moved to the side, so we can actually use the room. Next year we will be imposing size limitations on Grandpa Bill and his imagination.

We saw movies: Invictus (please go see that one, please), and Up in the Air (interesting, disturbing, but George Clooney sure is fine to look at) and a few more at home. Read Dave Eggers novelization of Where the Wild Things Are. Loved that. Missed my spa day with Kate, due to illness recovery. Sad about that. Lost the diamond to my wedding ring. Even sadder, but keeping the vacuum turned off, just in case. Have to reschedule dinner with the Mansfields and Beatles Rock Band night with the Fletchers. Cleaned out my computer. Played with the cousins. Drank wine with the auntie. Started two new personal projects (more on that later…you’ll see).

And now, a year with nice round numbers and three syllables. I have a kick ass, all inclusive NY resolution, a cool new promotion for the studio, and new mixing bowls and bake ware. Plus a“Keep Calm and Carry On” poster  and a bottle of Speed of Light from the Brooklyn Hero Superhero Supply Store.

And I am hopeful.


About kim tackett

Northern CA marketing consultant, writer of very small stories, and drinker of very strong coffee.
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